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Strategic Designs Ltd., is the market leader in creating accurate and in-depth horse and greyhound racing strategy games. Responsible for the long running ‘Starters Orders’ series our games have been acclaimed by the racing press for their realism and accurate reflection of the sports. Starters Orders 6 has recently been voted the No.1. Horse racing game of all time (source: ranker.com). We develop for the PC, Apple Mac, iOS and Android platforms.

Founded in 2003 and based near Manchester in the UK our latest product is Starters Orders 6 available for the PC with Mac and mobile platforms to follow next year. Hailed as the most realistic horse racing game available by the horse racing and gaming press Starters Orders 6 can be purchased for the PC online from www.startersorders.com and a free evaluation game is also available for the PC.

VR / Oculus Rift support. Starters Orders 6 boasts many firsts for a horse racing game including experimental Oculus Rift (3D virtual reality headset) support allowing the player to put themselves into a virtual race at any racecourse and ride around the globe. This is the most realistic and exciting ‘in-race’ horse racing experience ever produced and our simulation engine allows the player to ride in races such as the Grand National and Derby and get the feeling of actually riding a thoroughbred racehorse in a top race. We plan to take this virtual reality experience to selected racecourses in 2016 and introduce it into our products when the consumer version of the Oculus Rift is released.

Jockey Rush was launched late 2015 and is a stand alone jockey game aimed primarily at mobile devices where the player aims to build reputation and take on the best around the globe. Available on the PC and iOS.



Strategic Designs Ltd., was founded in 2003 by ‘veteran’ sports sim developer, Mark Loveday, who has worked on sports simulations and strategy games since the late 1980’s.

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Home of the No. 1. Horse racing management game series, Starters Orders.

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